Viral Thanksgiving Grandma & Guest Will Celebrate Together For 8th Year

Photo: Twitter

A viral Thanksgiving tradition is set to continue for its eighth year.

Jamal Hinton took to social media to announce his plans to spend Thanksgiving with "Grandma" Wanda Dench for the eighth consecutive year.

“Thanksgiving around the corner and I am still receiving text from random number! Year 8 plans are set with a great surprise!!!” Hinton wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Dench initially texted Hinton by accident in 2016, believing that his number belonged to her grandson. The incident went viral after Hinton asked if he could still get a Thanksgiving plate and Dench welcomed him to her holiday celebration.

The two continued the tradition even through the pandemic in 2020 and when Dench's husband, Lonnie, died of COVID-19.

In 2021, news surfaced that Netflix was creating a feature film based on Hinton and Dench’s unlikely friendship.

The pair also competed together on an episode of game show The Cube, which aired in June. Dench told host Dwyane Wade that the pair have become family and “go out to dinner throughout the year.”

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