Community Center Addresses Financial Insecurity's Direct Impact On Health

Portrait of black grandmother with teenager granddaughter

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Health providers screening for the social determinants of health — information about the conditions of a person's life, from housing and transportation to access to clean air and water — is nothing new. Adding a picture of a person's financial health and stressors, like debt burden, is a new angle. It's one that Aaron E. Henry Community Health Center is asking about to help their patients more holistically. It's also the goal of the center's Health Wealth program to address financial insecurity and its direct impact on health.

Hear the stories of those whose lives were improved by the Health Wealth program at Aaron E. Henry Community Health Center in the video below.

Aaron E. Henry received a grant from Direct Relief's fund for health equity, made possible by generous support from the Abbvie Foundation, to improve health services across Mississippi.

Learn more about Direct Relief's work at

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