White Man Threatens To Drag Delivery Driver Out Of Car In Viral Video

Photo: Getty Images

A white man was caught on video threatening to drag a food delivery driver out of her vehicle.

In the video, the woman appeared to beg the man to get away from her vehicle as he intimidated her.

The delivery driver said she was trying to complete an order but was unable to because the man's dog was running unleashed around the property.

“I’m trying to do a delivery,” she said. “And he won’t grab his pitbull dog. I can’t get out to do the delivery because of this racist man right here.”

“All I did was ask him to [grab the dog]. He keeps coming to my car,” she added.

“Don’t come to my car, sir, don’t come to my car,” the woman repeated.

The man appeared to tell the driver to get off his driveway.

“I’m not on your driveway. Sir, please get away from me," the woman asked again.

The man argued that he was on his property and could get as close to her as he wanted.

“Please get away from my car … please, please, please,” she begged before he said, “I’ll drag you out of that car!”

“Please get away from my car before I shoot you,” she said in response.

Social media users called out the man for threatening the delivery driver for simply doing her job. “Can someone please tell me where it is safe to simply be Black?”

Watch the video here.

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