Five Black Women Raped, Intimidated By 'Dirty Cops', Lawsuit Says

Photo: Getty Images

Five Black women are suing a former Kansas police officer after facing alleged abuse from him and other cops, per KCTV.

According to a federal lawsuit, retired detective Roger Golubski and others were “dirty cops who used the power of their badges to exploit Black women.”

The women claim officers raped, humiliated, and intimidated them while wearing badges and carrying guns.

“Report me to who, the police? I am the police,” Golubski allegedly said after raping one of the women.

The lawsuit accuses Unified Government of failing to properly train, supervise, and discipline its employees. It names former police chiefs Thomas Dailey, James Swafford, and Ronald Miller as defendants as well as detectives Roger Golubski, Terry Zeigler, Michael Kill, Clayton Bye, and Dennis Ware.

The suit also references federal charges Golubski is already facing related to rape, kidnapping and sex trafficking. The former officer has denied the allegations against him.

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