'Karen' Gets Beat Up After Yelling Racial Slurs At Group Of Black Women

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A white woman is being dubbed a "Karen" after she was caught on video shouting racial slurs and remarks at a group of Black women.

Social media user @DoubleEmm_ posted clips of the white woman's racist rant on X, formerly Twitter.

“I’m on the phone with the f—king police,” the Karen can be heard saying in the video.

A woman off-camera asked the Karen to repeat what she called her.

“A n—ger,” she said. “You are a n—ger! You are a n—ger.”

“They’re all n—gers,” the woman responded when asked what she thought of other Black people in the group. “They’re n—gers with you!”

At one point in the video, the Karen claimed to be on the phone with 911, telling authorities “I got a Mexican punta” and “I got a Black-a** b*tch…”

The X user who posted the footage said the woman got beat up after spewing racial slurs.

"Last night this woman was intoxicated (& possibly on other drugs) walking downtown St.Pete screaming “N*gger” “Fck Muslims” + more, even at a group 5 women, 3 of which were black. She swung her purse at them and got beat up by all 5," she tweeted.

"I went over to check on the girls and gathered their things as she continued screaming “N*ggers!” while walking away," the X user said in a follow-up tweet. "The girls left and she went down the way to a gay bar and tried grabbing another mixed woman by the throat only to get beat up and tossed out of this bar too."

According to the X user, the woman was eventually "put in the back of the police car in cuffs.”

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