Black Hockey Player Facing Racist Attacks Over Fatal 'Freak Accident'

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An ice hockey player is facing racist online abuse after his skate fatally cut another player's neck during a match in the U.K.

According to Newsone, several social media users are accusing Matt Petgrave, who is Black, of being a "Black supremacist" and a "murderer" following the death of Adam Johnson, a white hockey player who succumbed to a gruesome skate cut during a match.

Despite Johnson's team calling the incident a "freak accident," police reportedly arrested a man on charges of manslaughter earlier this week. The suspect hasn't been publicly identified but many believe Petgrave was the person charged and arrested.

The arrest prompted social media users to target Petgrave with racist remarks.

"Another day another black criminal gets put on a pedestal... Matt Petgrave is a psycho murderer and I'm sure he and the rest of his trash are just so pleased that it was a white man that he killed... The White liberal media have their asses bent over for anything black..," one social media user wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

"It’s truly amazing how cucks will defend a murderer just because he’s black. Oh yes, beautiful good boy, you’re so brave for chimping out and killing an innocent man in a fit of black rage," another said.

"Death penalty for murderer Black supremacist Matt Petgrave," a third X user called for.

According to experts, the nature of the criminal charges for Johnson's death is unprecedented.

“Even in cases when there has been very serious injury caused to someone, falling short of death, it is often the case that the regulatory authorities of that particular sport or the governing body of that sport will get involved rather than the police dealing with it,” Patrick Maguire, a partner at a British law firm, told the Athletic.

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