6-Year-Old Girl Helps Save Mother Who Suffered Stroke While Driving

A 6-year-old Mississippi girl is being hailed as a hero after she helped save her mother who suffered a stroke while driving in a rural area, per the Associated Press.

First-grade student Bryanna Cook and her mother, Yolanda Cook, were driving to see the child's grandmother last month when the stroke occurred. Their vehicle stopped in the woods and Cook became unresponsive.

Bryanna immediately called her grandmother who told her to call 911.

“I was scared, so I called my grandmother, and my mom wouldn’t wake up,” Bryanna said.

During her call with 911, the first grader spoke to Lowndes County dispatcher Latonya Malone. She helped Malone and first responders find their vehicle by describing her surroundings.

“Bryanna was able to tell us where they were going and the grandmother helped, too, because she told us around where they were at the time” based on when they left home," Malone said.

Cook was transported to the Macon hospital before being to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. Bryanna stayed by her mom's side at the hospital until she was released.

“I helped my mom because I saved her,” Bryannas said. “At the hospital, I helped her get out of bed and walked with her down the hallways because I love her.”

Lowndes County supervisors adopted a resolution in honor of her rescue efforts, according to reports.

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