College Board Revises AP African American Studies Course — Again

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College Board has again revised the framework for its new AP African American Studies course after months of debate about its contents.

On Wednesday (December 6), the College Board released the revisions, which include more material on topics including the Tulsa Race Massacre, Black culture’s influence on film and sports, and discriminatory practices related to housing, known as redlining, per the Associated Press.

The latest changes seemingly address criticism that the College Board removed certain topics from the course's original curriculum due to GOP political pressure. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis previously spoke out against the course, saying he would ban it in his state because it pushed a political agenda.

The new outline for the AP African American studies course now includes material about feminism and intersectionality. However, some material that was previously listed as required course content in the original framework has now been deemed optional. The optional sources include an interactive map of the 1919 Red Summer riots by white supremacists, a speech by Frederick Douglass, and writings between Malcolm X and Maya Angelou in Ghana.

The AP course will be available at all schools in the U.S. next year, but it's unclear how many will offer it.

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