Teacher Accused Of Knocking Out Boy's Tooth During Basketball Game

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida teacher has been arrested after he allegedly threw a basketball at a 12-year-old boy and elbowed him in the mouth.

According to FOX 35, James Bellamy was arrested on charges of child abuse and battery in connection to an altercation with a minor at Putnam Academy of Arts and Science School in Palatka.

Video of the incident shows a teacher throwing a basketball at a boy during a game, according to police. At one point during the incident, the teacher elbowed him in the mouth, which knocked his tooth out.

The boy's mother ID'ed the teacher as Bellamy. The 12-year-old told police that the teacher "had gotten angry at him because Bellamy believed he had intentionally struck his arm or head while they were playing."

The boy said the teacher called him back to the court and threw a ball at him. He said he ducked to not get hit by the ball before Bellamy struck him with his elbow.

Bellamy told police that he was playing basketball with his students when the boy hit him. The teacher said he called the boy back out to the court and threw the ball at him. He claimed it wasn't intentional.

Bellamy is currently being held without bond at Putnam County Jail.

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