Jonathan Majors Appears to Admit To Previously Assaulting Ex Grace Jabbari

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Text messages submitted in court appear to reveal that Jonathan Majors admitted to previous physical violence against his now-ex and accuser Grace Jabbari.

On Friday (December 8), a trial continued for Majors, who was arrested in March and charged with assault in connection to an alleged domestic dispute between the actor and Jabbari, per People.

Text messages from September 2022 were read into the record by Jabbari on her fourth and final day on the stand.

“I fear you have no perspective of what could happen if you go to the hospital,” Majors texted Jabbari in September 2022. “They will ask you questions, and as I don’t think you actually protect us, it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie, and they suspect something.”

In follow-up messages, Jabbari appeared to assure Majors that she wouldn't blame him for an alleged injury to her head.

“I will tell the doctor I bumped my head,” Jabbari texted Majors. “I will tell the doctor I bumped my head if I go. I’m going to give it one more day, but I can’t sleep and I need some stronger pain killers. That’s all: why would I tell them what really happened when it’s clear I want to be with you?"

Majors later threatened suicide if Jabbari went to the hospital for her injury.

“Last night I considered killing myself versus coming home,” Majors wrote. “I need love too. Or maybe I’m such a monster and horrible man, I don't deserve it. And I should just kill myself. In this way, my existence is miserable, I want to die.”

“I will not go to the doctor if you don’t feel safe with me doing so, or don’t trust me to. I promise you I would never mention you but understand your fear," Jabbari responded.

During Friday's court session, Assistant District Attorney Kelli Galaway later re-directed her questioning of Jabbari to the March 2023 alleged assault. Galaway asked Majors' former girlfriend why she initially told first responders that she didn't know how she got injured.

“I was just scared of the consequences of it,” Jabbari said. “I still wanted to protect him.”

“Ms. Jabbari, do you know who caused your injuries on March 25, 2023?” Galaway asked.

“I do,” Jabbari said. “The defendant, Jonathan Majors.”

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