Wisconsin Man Charged After Allegedly Hurling Racial Slurs At Bank Teller

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A Wisconsin man is facing charges after he allegedly hurled racial slurs at a bank teller.

According to jail records from the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, James DeFazio, 44, was charged with disorderly conduct in connection to an altercation at a bank inside a Meijer supermarket on December 30, per the Atlanta Black Star.

DeFazio was allegedly trying to withdraw money from the bank when a teller asked for his identification. The man allegedly became frustrated with the request and responded “Hurry up and give me my f**king money.”

The teller then told DeFazio to use the ATM instead, prompting him to ask another employee for help. When the second employee declined to help, DeFazio allegedly knocked items off the counter and threw his wallet.

DeFazio is also accused of hurling profanities and racial slurs, including the N-word, “pu**y a** b**ch,” and ”c**k sucker.”

On Tuesday (January 2), DeFazio appeared in court and given a $300 cash bail. A Kenosha County assistant district attorney also requested he be banned from Meijer and US Banks.

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