Footage Released Of Police Shooting 11-Year-Old Boy Who Called For Help

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The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) released body camera footage on Friday (January 5) of the police shooting of 11-year-old Aderrien Murry, per ABC 24.

Aderrien was seriously injured on May 20 when he was shot in the chest by Officer Greg Capers, who was responding to a domestic call at the home of the boy's mother, Nakala Murry.

Indianola Police were called to the home after the father of another one of Murry's children showed up at the residence "irate" at 4 a.m., according to the mother. Aderrien made the call to police per his mother's instructions.

Murry said Capers arrived at their front door with his gun drawn and asked everyone to step outside of the home. Aderrien was shot in the chest as he was following the officer's orders, the mother said.

“Once [Aderrien] came from around the corner, he got shot,” she previously said. “I cannot grasp why. The same cop that told [us] to come out of the house. [Aderrien] did, and he got shot. He kept asking, ‘Why did he shoot me? What did I do wrong?'”

Following the shooting, Aderrien was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for injuries including a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and a lacerated liver.

Aderrien's family and their attorney, Carlos Moore, urged officials to release video of the incident and fire Capers from the Indianola Police Department. In December, a grand jury declined to indict Capers as they found “no probable cause to believe a crime was committed” in Aderrien's shooting.

The family maintains that the shooting was unjustified. They filed a $5 million suit in federal court alleging that Capers “failed to assess the situation before displaying and/or discharging his firearm.”

"While the grand jury has spoken, we firmly believe that there are unanswered questions and that the shooting of Aderrien Murry was not justified,” s Moore previously said. “We are committed to seeking justice for Aderrien and his family, and we will persist in our efforts to ensure accountability through the civil legal process."

Capers' attorney, Michael S. Carr, previously claimed the shooting was unintentional and his client, who was suspended without pay in June, didn't mean to hurt the child.

Watch the body camera footage here.

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