Marlon Wayans Speaks Out About Black Men In Hollywood Wearing Dresses

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Marlon Wayans is weighing in on the ongoing discussion about Black men in Hollywood wearing dresses.

During a recent appearance on Los Angeles' 92.3's "The Cruz Show," Wayans shut down the stigma surrounding Black men wearing dresses in the entertainment industry, per BET.

“You talking to a Black man that put on a dress,” Wayans said. “That conversation to me, it’s silly. It’s a negative thing that is only in Black people. We have for some reason been programmed to look down on the craziest parts about our spirits. We’re supposed to embrace our past, our history, our heroes, different levels of comedy.”

In his remarks, Wayans referenced Robin Williams, who he said was praised after putting on a dress in Mrs. Doubtfire.

“Robin Williams puts on a dress and wins an award, his community embraces him,” Wayans said. “We’re labeled by our own people. That is not an artist mindset. When you’re an artist you go out and create art.”

Wayans' comments come after Katt Williams' recent appearance on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast, where he brought up Black male comedians wearing dresses to become successful. Williams cited that movies like Big Momma’s House and Madea depict emasculate Black men and depict them as “caricatures."

Wayans, however, feels Black men in Hollywood wearing dress is a part of artistry and should be embraced.

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