Black Jail Officer Found 'Spit & Snot' In Lunch, Called N-Word: Lawsuit

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A former Pennsylvania corrections officer has filed a lawsuit over alleged racial discrimination at Beaver County Jail, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

In the lawsuit, Titus Shields alleges he was forced to work in a "hostile environment" and later fired after he reported racial abuse suffered by Black inmates at the Aliquippa, Pennsylvania jail.

Officers would allegedly remove inmate's mattresses and bedding during freezing conditions, which caused one inmate's “legs to swell and start to burst with blood and blisters.” According to Shields, one inmate was strapped to a restraint chair and assaulted by several officers. When an officer questioned the use of excessive force, Sgt. Decanini allegedly said, “What excessive force? It’s part of your job, dude!”

Shields also claimed that an inmate was called “porch monkey” and “under-sized N-word” among other racial slurs. When the inmate asked about his meal, he was told “I can find you a banana,” according to Shields. Shields said he was asked to engage in the abuse of inmates.

The former corrections officer said when he reported the abuse and said he no longer felt safe, Deputy Warden White allegedly told him, “Get over it. It’s not about you.” According to Shields, a fellow Black sergeant said "Yes, it is very racist here” and “You have got to watch your back.”

“These people do a lot of dirt and can get away with it. So just keep your head down, and you will be all right," the sergeant allegedly told Shields.

Shields said his car was vandalized with the N-word after he complained about the racial abuse. He also allegedly found "spit and snot" in his lunch and notes with racial slurs in his locker.

In October 2022, Shields was fired from the jail. He filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in February 2023 and is seeking wage loss, compensatory, and punitive damages in his suit.

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