'We Missed You': Viral Black Nanny Reunites With Kids In Lebanon

Photo: Getty Images

The Kenyan nanny who went viral for her emotional goodbye with the children she cared for in Lebanon has now reunited with the family.

In a video shared on TikTok, the nanny, identified as Rosie on social media, can be seen in an airport embracing the two young children she nannied.

"Rosie you're back," a woman said in the video as the nanny teared up. "We missed you."

The reunion in Lebanon comes after the nanny reportedly left for Kenya last year to visit her own children. Video of Rosie saying goodbye to the Lebanese children went viral as the young ones cried and begged for their nanny to stay.

It appears that Rosie's own children will soon be joining her in Lebanon. While at the airport, Rosie's employer asked why her kids weren't already with her.

“Rosie, how are your kids? Why did you not bring them with you?” her boss asked.

“They are fine, they will come,” Rosie said.

Social media users expressed excitement over Rosie's reunion with the children she cared for.

"Wow I'm so glad to see this. Rosie is back what a Réunion. I feel the emotions too," one TikTok user said.

"OMG!!!! Rosie is back. Thank u, Rosie. 🥰Know this, nobody can love u more than this family," another commented.

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