Dogs Maul Black Man In Wheelchair, Tear 'Chunks' Of Flesh Off Him

angry dog with bared teeth

Photo: YuriyGreen / iStock / Getty Images

A Black man is recovering in the hospital after a pair of dogs knocked him out of a wheelchair and viciously attacked him in South Florida. WPLG reported the attack, which was also caught on camera, happened on January 24 near Northwest 10 Street and Fifth Avenue in Miami-Dade County.

Witnesses said two pitbull mixed-breed dogs, named Boo-boo and Jumpety, ripped "chunks" of flesh off Pierre Massey as some bystanders tried to stop the brutal mauling. Some threw rocks at the dogs while a semi-trailer truck driver blasted his horn in an attempt to scare off the dogs, according to reporters. Nothing worked.

“They had my arms and legs,” Massey recalled to the news station. “I was wondering if anyone was going to help. Cars were stopping but it seemed like nobody wanted to get out.”

He continued, “As I was on the ground, I was like ‘Damn, no one cares.’”

Reporters learned Miami-Dade County Animal Services took custody of the dogs, and one of them was euthanized Monday (January 29). The other dog is set to be euthanized on Tuesday.

The owner of the dogs has also been arrested. No word on what charges they face.

As for Massey, he got skin grafts after he was taken to Jackson Medical Center. He said he still has flashbacks of the terrifying event but calls his survival a "blessing."

“It could have been a lot worse,” the victim told reporters.

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