Parents Of OnlyFans Model Accused Of Murder Arrested

Photo: Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Center

The parents of OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney have reportedly been arrested in relation to her ongoing murder case.

Kim and Deborah Clenney were arrested at their home in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday (January 30) in relation to accusations of potential evidentiary tampering, sources with direct knowledge of the situation told TMZ. The couple was taken into custody on a warrant issued out of Miami, where Clenney's late boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, was killed in 2023.

Earlier this month, Clenney, now 27, who went by 'Courtney Tailor' on social media, was shown in newly released footage swatting at Obumseli, 28, during a seemingly unprovoked incident in which she accused him of cheating on her and forcing her to abandon her sobriety. The footage was released by the Haggard Law Firm, which represents Obumseli's family, to Local10 News.

“I was f*****g sober for two weeks,” Clenney said in a crying-like voice while repeatedly slapping Obumseli. “And now why am I not sober? Because of you.”

Clenney also accused Obumseli of cheating on her with another woman by "touching her breast" in the newly released footage, which was captured by a seated bystander, who she addressed in the video.

“Actually, I’m done. Can you send him home,” Clenney said to the witness.

“You’re costing me money, I didn’t do s**t since I got to this f*****g house because of you," she then said to Obumseli.

Clenney then accused Obumseli of getting caught flirting with three women, which he repeatedly denied.

“Christian, you’re fired,” she said before Obumseli walked up to her and put his finger in her face.

“You’ll never see me again, you are the most…” Obumseli said before being interrupted by Clenney slapping him.

“I can actually get s**t done when you’re not here,” Clenney said.

“Ok, I will remember that for next time,” Obumseli responded.

“There’s not gonna be a next time," Clenney said. “You never loved me, the way you treated other f*****g girls doesn’t even compare to me, I don’t want anything to f*****g do with you."

The Haggard Law Firm told Local 10 News that it plans to use the footage in the ongoing murder case against Clenney, who has claimed she acted in self-defense during the April 3, 2022 incident. Footage of a separate incident in which Clenney attacked Obumseli in an elevator at their Miami apartment complex months before his death was released shortly after her arrest in August 2022.

Clenney was charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon in relation to Obumseli's death. The OnlyFans model was arrested in Hawaii on August 11, 2022, where her attorney, Frank Preito, said she's taking part in rehabilitation for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, before being extradited back to Miami.

The Miami Police Department had previously described Obumseli's death as a domestic violence incident that stemmed from a physical altercation and resulted in a stabbing. Prieto, who had publicly described Clenney and Obumseli's relationship as "clearly toxic," said he was "completely shocked" about news of his client's arrest, arguing that there was "clear evidence of self-defense" in relation to the incident at the time.

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