Black TikToker Raises Over $150K For Homeless Man She Helped In Viral Video

Photo: GoFundMe

A TikToker has raised over $150,000 after helping a homeless man with prostate cancer in a video that's gone viral.

In the video, TikToker @hustlanani, who identified as a DC college student named Sanai, said she was vlogging her trip to the grocery store when a homeless man asked if she could buy him tea.

Sanai noted that the man didn't ask for money, so she offered for him to join her on her grocery store trip. During their walk, the man revealed that he was homeless, had no family, and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Sanai said the man told her that he needed his medication refilled for the pain he was experiencing.

The college student took the man to multiple pharmacies to have his prescription filled and made a stop at Starbucks for tea.

When the man told her that he stayed at a church, Sanai decided to check him into a hotel room for a night. Sanai said she gave him some extra money so he could eat, and the two exchanged contact information to keep in touch after their five-hour journey around the city.

The TikTok video of Sanai helping the homeless man, who has been identified as Alonzo, garnered over 12 million views. Social media users praised the college student for how she helped the man.

"Bless your heart girl. That man will probably never forget that," one TikTok user commented.

"It’s the way you didn’t even hesitate to drop everything for someone you just met, and how you made him feel like it wasn’t at all a burden. This is so pure - you’re a good human," another wrote.

As of Thursday (February 1), Sanai raised over $150,000 that she plans to use to "make sure he has a place to live, new clothes, shoes, a bank account, doctor's appointments, a phone, etc," she wrote on GoFundMe. Sanai said she plans to document the rest of their journey on her TikTok.

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