White Couple Could Get Booted From Home After Harassing Black Neighbors

Photo: Getty Images

A White couple accused of racially harassing and intimidating their Black neighbors could soon be kicked out of their home in Conway, South Carolina, according to The Independent.

Worden Butler and Alexis Harnett were arrested and charged with second-degree harassment after they allegedly burned a cross outside of the home of their Black neighbors, Shawn and Monica Williams in November 2023.

“There was a cross burning about eight feet from our fence. We were speechless because we’ve never experienced something like that.”

In another instance, Butler allegedly put the Williams' address on Facebook, stating that he planned on “summoning the devil’s army, and I don’t care if they and I both go down in the same boat. I’m about to make them pay."

Special Prosecutor James Battle reportedly filed a petition earlier this month to have Butler and Harnett expeditiously removed from their home. Jimmy Richardson, the Fifteenth Circuit solicitor, asked a judge to declare the couple as a public nuisance and approve a temporary injunction to kick them out of their home until the case is heard in court.

Harnett and Butler are also being federally investigated for civil rights violations.

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