Trump Says 'N-Word' Instead of 'Indictment' In Apparent Freudian Slip

Photo: Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump appeared to make a Freudian slip during a campaign rally in Waterford Township, Michigan.

On Saturday (February 17), Trump delivered a speech addressing his ongoing legal battles.

The former president appeared to attempt to say the word "indictment" before he accidentally said "N-word" instead. He quickly fixed his error as he continued to speak during the rally.

“My whole life, I didn’t know what the N-word — I didn’t know what indictment meant,” Trump said. The apparent Freudian slip came after he was ordered to pay $355 million in a New York civil fraud case.

Trump's comments prompted criticism and speculation on social media about whether his use of the "N-word" was intentional.

During Saturday's campaign rally, Trump also likened himself to Al Capone amid his legal woes.

“[I] got indicted more than Alphonse Capone, Scarface,” Trump said.

“I’m just doing something for incredible people — it’s called the American people," he continued. “Every time the radical left Democrats, Marxists, communists, and fascists indict me, I consider it a great badge of honor, I am being indicted for you."

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