‘Crazy B*tch’: White Woman Hits Black Driver’s Car, Goes On Bizarre Tirade

Photo: Surayyah Muhammed (Instagram)

A viral video shows a white woman going on a strange tirade against a Black female driver, including calling her a "crazy b*tch," following a car accident in a California parking lot. Surayyah Muhammed caught the entire interaction on camera before sharing it on Instagram on Thursday (February 22), generating over 1.1 million likes as of Tuesday (February 27).

The 51-second video begins with the unidentified woman checking on Muhammed's white vehicle, where the rear bumper is damaged from the incident. The uploader said she was backing out of her parking space at Costco when the white driver allegedly reversed her car and hit her.

The woman then questions which part of the vehicle is damaged before she starts striking the bumper with her hand.

"Why are you hitting my car, lady?" Muhammed asks.

"Because it's not damaged, you b*tch!" the driver barks back before walking up to an employee and hugging him.

"Would you tell her to get away from me? She's crazy," the woman tells the confused worker, asserting there's nothing wrong with Muhammed's car.

"Usually, what you're supposed to do in an accident is we exchange information," the Black driver explains before the woman cuts her off by calling her a "b*tch" again.

The white woman then hops into her black car, shouting “You’re a crazy b*tch!” before driving away from the scene. Muhammed kept recording to get a clear view of the driver's license plate before the video ended.

"I expected a civil exchange and this is what I got. I wish I started recording sooner because she was a whole one-woman show," she wrote in the post. "I’m a pretty patient individual. I’ve witnessed a lot of crazy but this woman was a whole nut basket."

Muhammed hasn't updated her followers on what happened following the bizarre incident, but it left thousands of viewers tickled. Many users dropped jokes about the woman smacking the bumper back into place and her randomly hugging the employee.

"I heard of 'hit and run' but 'fix and run' is crazy," one person said.

"She knew exactly how many slaps it took to fix it too!!" another commented.

A viewer wrote, "Her hug to the Costco employee had me dead."

"I’m sorry but this is funny, scary and disrespectful at the same damn time," a comment reads.

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