Woman Found Dead With Only Socks On Was Kidnapped, Fatally Shot: Police

Photo: Getty Images

An Alabama woman was kidnapped and fatally shot before she was found dead with only socks on, according to police.

Genise Carter, 43, was found fatally shot on Jan. 15, the Birmingham Police Department said in a statement. According to authorities, Carter's body was discovered face down on a dead-end street with no clothing except for a pair of socks.

Surveillance footage shows Carter was kidnapped at a gas station in Birmingham, Alabama, according to Detective Finke. Finke said Carter was followed into the convenience store by Jayden Gildersleeve, 21, and Michael Spellman, 62. She was later forced out of the store and into a car at gunpoint, according to Finke.

Finke said the men drove away, but later returned to the gas station, which had "quite a few cars there." Carter ran out of the car and attempted to seek help from multiple bystanders before the men brought her back to the car.

Carter attempted to escape again but she was “beaten on the ground in the doorway of the store,” Finke said.

Gildersleeve was arrested on Jan. 31 on charges of capital murder and first-degree kidnapping. Spellman was charged with capital murder and arrested on Feb. 1.

The men are currently being held without bail. A motive for the murder remains unclear, but police said Carter knew one of the alleged attackers.

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