Life Sentence For Man Who Shot & Killed 'Longtime Friend' Who Owed Him $35

Photo: Getty Images

An Atlanta man has been sentenced to life after he shot and killed his friend who owed him $35.

On Monday (March 18), Judge Tangela Barrie sentenced 65-year-old Rickey Carter to life in prison plus five years after he was found guilty of several charges including malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, per PEOPLE.

The charges stemmed from the January 2022 shooting death of Quinlan Parker.

According to the Dekalb County District Attorney's Office, the "longtime friends" got into an argument at Parker's apartment about money he had borrowed from Carter a "few weeks earlier." Parker's stepdaughter started to record the argument on her phone after she "heard yelling."

Carter later pulled out a small black handgun and shot Parker. He initially tried to claim self-defense, but the recording showed Parker “backing away from Carter before he opened fire," per the DA's office.

Parker's wife performed CPR on him before paramedics arrived, but he didn't survive the shooting. According to the DA's office, Parker owed Carter $35.

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