Democratic Lawmaker Uses Racial Slur During House Hearing: ‘I Misspoke’


A Democratic lawmaker in Maryland says he "misspoke" when he used a racial slur during a House Budget Committee hearing.

Maryland Rep. David Trone, who is running for Senate, uttered the slur while discussing tax policy with Shalanda Young, the first Black woman to serve as the director of the Office of Budget and Management.

“So this Republican j-----o that, you know, it’s the tax rate that’s stopping business investment, it’s just completely faulty by people who’ve never run a business,” Trone said, per the Daily Beast.

Trone issued an apology for his comment on Thursday (March 21), saying he "misspoke" in a statement to the Washington Post.

“Today while attempting to use the word ‘bugaboo’ in a hearing, I misspoke and mistakenly used a phrase that is offensive,” Trone said. “Upon learning the meaning of the word I was deeply disappointed to have accidentally used it, and I apologize.”

In a follow-up to his response, Trone noted the slur has a “long dark terrible history.”

“It should never be used any time, anywhere, in any conversation,” he said. “I recognize that as a white man, I have privilege. And as an elected official, I have a responsibility for the words I use—especially in the heat of the moment. Regardless of what I meant to say, I shouldn’t have used that language.”

Trone is vying for a seat in Maryland's Senate currently held by Sen. Ben Cardin, who is retiring.

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