Oregon Man Punches Black Neighbor After Calling Him N-Word Multiple Times

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An Oregon man is facing several charges after months of racist harassment against a Black neighbor led to multiple assaults. Court documents obtained by KGW show 51-year-old Fabian Bigeagle, of Portland, was arrested for attacking the victim after two reported incidents.

The first incident unfolded on February 5 when the Portland Police Bureau responded to an apartment in the city's Hazelwood neighborhood. Officers found a man with minor injuries, including a bloody nose, and learned the suspect allegedly called him the N-word before punching him in the face.

The victim claims Bigeagle referred to him as the "N-word" and acted aggressively ever since he moved in months prior. The apartment complex manager told officers the tenant made formal complaints about Bigeagle since January 29.

Police noted Bigeagle appeared drunk and was holding a can of malt liquor at the time, according to reporters. The 51-year-old admitted to punching him over "pounding" sounds" on their shared wall. Bigeagle also confessed to previously calling his neighbor a racial slur but claims it wasn't a motivation for the attack. The police report also mentions he has post-traumatic stress disorder.

Authorities said Bigeagle was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault and later released from jail. Police claim he was able to return home because he wasn't charged with bias crime at the time, which would've required him to stay behind bars.

Come March 13, police were called back to the apartment again to find the same man previously punched by Bigeagle. Officers state the 51-year-old punched the victim in the face and hurled a racial slur at him again. Bigeagle fled the scene and was arrested the following day.

He's now facing several charges, including second-degree bias crime, first-degree burglary, and the assault charge from February. The investigation is ongoing.

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