Patrick Beverley Slammed For Listing ‘Whitest Black Guys’ In NBA

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Milwaukee Bucks star Patrick Beverley is facing backlash for sharing a list of who he thinks the “whitest Black guys” are in the NBA.

Beverley revealed his controversial list on his podcast “Pat Bev Podcast” with co-host Adam Ferrone.

"Let’s get right to it, people want to see,” Beverley said on the podcast. “We did the blackest whitest guys. I’m reading the comments, and I like to read comments. You guys should do a whitest blackest five.”

Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen, Pacers center Myles Turner, 76ers center Mo Bamba, Hornets forward Grant Williams, and Pelicans guard CJ McCollum all made Beverley’s whitest black guys list.

Mo Bamba blasted Beverley for questioning his blackness on the podcast.

Alright, I got time today @patbevpod,” Bamba posted on X. “I’m a top 5 black-white guy because I can properly articulate how I feel & how I see things? You a smart man, do your research. I’m not a gangsta to any capacity but I’m born & raised from Harlem. I made it off the block & out the trenches [sic].”

"Secondly, sitting there with your legs crossed like that & asking your white co-host to publicly question my blackness is one of the reasons why it’s hard to move the culture forward,” Bamba added.

McCollum also chimed in with his opinion on the controversial list.

“Ask [Damian Lillard] about me before you speak on my name,” McCollum wrote in an Instagram comment on a video of Beverley’s comments.

Beverley said on his podcast that the list didn’t “have anything to do with their basketball game,” but rather their “swag.”

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