Michelle Obama Praises Beyoncé Following 'Cowboy Carter' Drop: 'So Proud'

Photo: Getty Images

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is giving Beyoncé her flowers following the release of her new album, Cowboy Carter.

On Tuesday (April 2), Obama took to social media to applaud Beyoncé for being a "record-breaker and history-maker" after the artist released her eighth studio album on Friday (March 29).

“With Cowboy Carter, you have changed the game once again by helping redefine a music genre and transform our culture. I am so proud of you!” Obama captioned a photo of the Act ll album cover.

The former First Lady said the album serves as a reminder of the power that we all have inside of us.

“There’s power in our history, in our joy, and in our votes — and we can each use our own gifts and talents to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most to us,” Obama wrote.

The "Light We Carry" author went on to urge her followers to show up at the ballot box this year, drawing on lyrics from Cowboy Carter's "Ya Ya."

“The issues that impact us most are on the ballot across the country — from equal pay and racial justice to reproductive healthcare and climate change. And as Queen Bey says at the end of Ya Ya, we need to ‘keep the faith’ and ‘VOTE!’ ” Obama said.

At the end of her caption, Obama included a website where people could register to vote.

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