Black Man Charged With DUI After Cop Opens Sealed Bottle, Plants It In Car

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A Tallahassee, Florida police officer appeared to be caught on camera opening a sealed bottle of alcohol and planting it as evidence to charge a Black man with a DUI, per Our Tallahassee.

Calvin Riley Sr., 56, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in May 2023 when police discovered he was driving with a suspended license.

In Florida, officers can decide whether to ticket or arrest someone driving with a suspended license, according to Our Tallahassee. However, if they discover a second offense, police are required to conduct an arrest.

Body camera footage shows Tallahassee Police Department Officer Kiersten Oliver speaking to Riley before calling another for backup on suspicion that he smelt like marijuana. Police then asked the man to perform a voluntary sobriety test, to which he refused.

Officers detained the man and put him in the back of a police vehicle while searching his car. Authorities found no marijuana, but Oliver discovered a sealed bottle of liquor.

The officer proceeded to break the seal, dump the liquor out on the street, and then plant the empty bottle back into the car. Video shows Oliver suggesting that the bottle was already open and that the man had the alcohol in a cup in his vehicle.

Another officer arrived at the scene and was told there was a “bunch of alcohol stashed” in the car and that the container was open, per body camera footage.

Riley was arrested on probable cause of driving under the influence. The open container is cited in an arrest report. An officer also said they smelt alcohol on Riley's breath in the report.

Riley is set to stand trial on Friday (April 5).

Watch the body camera footage below.

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