Diddy's Son King Combs Accused Of Sexual Assault In New Lawsuit

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Diddy's son, Christian "King" Combs, is facing sexual assault allegations.

According to TMZ, Grace O'Marcaigh recently filed a lawsuit against King, alleging that he assaulted her while she was working as a steward on a yacht charted by Diddy in 2022.

O'Marcaigh claims King was fixated on her and gave her a shot of alcohol that she suspected was spiked. The woman said King attempted to kiss and grope her despite her protestations.

In the lawsuit, O'Marcaigh claimed to have audio recordings where she can be heard declining King's sexual advances and trying to get away from him while they were together in a studio on the yacht.

O'Marcaigh said she was able to get away from King, but he later insisted she find him a place to sleep. After leading him into the theater, King allegedly cornered O'Marcaigh and tried to coerce her into performing oral sex on him.

O'Marcaigh alleges that fought off King, citing photos of her bruised forearm. The alleged victim also named Diddy as a defendant in the suit, accusing the rapper of being liable for chartering the yacht.

The stewardess claimed she saw Diddy interacting with "sex workers" while onboard the yacht. She said the boat day was all recorded by a Hulu camera crew.

O'Marcaigh further alleged that Rodney Jones, Diddy's former music producer who is also suing the rapper, was on the yacht. Jones and O'Marcaigh are both being repped by lawyer Tyrone Blackburn.

The woman's lawsuit comes after Blackburn was accused of improperly filing cases in federal court "to garner media attention, embarrass defendants with salacious allegations, and pressure defendants to settle quickly." He is set to appear before the Grievance Committee of New York's federal court system.

Diddy's attorney Aaron Dyer addressed the latest lawsuit in a statement to TMZ.

“We have not seen this woman’s claim but I’m sure we can expect the same kind of manufactured lies we’ve come to expect from Tyrone Blackburn and his clients, just as we saw in Rodney Jones’ lawsuit – which has yet to be served." He adds, they learned about the lawsuit "the same way anyone hears about Mr. Blackburn’s filings: through the media,” Dyer said.

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