'SYTYCD' Alum Korra Obidi Says She Was Stabbed, Attacked With Acid

Photo: Getty Images

Nigerian dancer and former So You Think You Can Dance star Korra Obidi says she was stabbed and attacked with acid in London.

On Thursday (April 11), Obidi, who auditioned for SYTYCD while she was pregnant in 2019, detailed the alleged attack in a video shared on Instagram.

Obidi said she was attacked by a stranger who stabbed her and threw acid at her. In her Instagram video, the dancer asked a bystander for their Coke so she could rinse off her burning face.

The bystander also pointed out blood on Obidi's jacket. In the video, a knife with blood on it appeared to be lying on the floor.

In the comment section of her video, Obidi informed her followers that she was hospitalized following the attack.

"Guys I’m in the hospital. Safety with travel is no longer a luxury but necessity. The acid was salicylic and I was lucky. Love you guys," she wrote.

Obidi confirmed that an investigation had been launched into the incident. She asked her followers for help with finding her alleged attacker, who she said was a five-foot-tall female.

"I escaped with the best possible scenario and this I am grateful. Hoping the investigations will yield some closure as to who the ring leader to all these attacks are," Obidi said.

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