Mayor & Wife Charged Over Alleged Emotional, Physical Abuse Of Daughter

Photo: Atlantic City Official Website

A New Jersey mayor and his wife have been accused of physically and emotionally abusing their teenage daughter, including one instance where the father beat the girl with a broom.

On Monday (April 15), officials announced that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. (D) and his wife, La'Quetta Small, were facing charges of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, per NBC News. The Atlantic County Prosecutor's office said the mayor was also charged with third-degree terroristic threats, third-degree aggravated assault, and disorderly persons simple assault.

Additional charges for his wife, who is the superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools, include disorderly persons simple assault.

The charges stem from the alleged abuse of the couple's daughter between December 2023 and January 2024. In one incident, investigators said Small hit his daughter in the head with a broom several times, resulting in her losing consciousness.

Small also allegedly threatened to hurt the teenager by "earth slamming" her down the stairs, throwing her to the ground, and smacking the weave out of her head. In another incident, Small allegedly left bruises on his daughter's legs from repeated blows.

La’Quetta Small also punched her daughter multiple times in the chest, leaving bruises, according to investigators. In another instance, the mayor's wife allegedly dragged her daughter by her hair and hit her with a belt on her shoulders. Investigators said La'Quetta also punched her daughter in the mouth during an argument.

During an April 1 press conference, the mayor said his family had "nothing to hide." Small also denied allegations that his daughter was pregnant and that his wife hit her while his son filmed the attack.

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