‘He Can’t Walk’: Cop Tries to Pull Paralyzed Black Man Out Of Car In Video

Photo: Getty Images

A viral TikTok shows a California police officer attempting to pull a Black man from his vehicle despite being told that "he can't walk."

TikTok user Shante Butler accused the Stockton Police Department of mistreatment of her son. Butler shared a video in February of her son's encounter with a Stockton officer.

In the now-viral video, a man appears to be sitting in the driver's seat of his vehicle as a cop grabs his hand and attempts to pull him out.

“He can’t walk!” a bystander said in the video. “Why do you keep touching him?”

“He shouldn’t be driving if he can’t walk,” the officer responded.

Video shows the man and bystanders repeatedly telling police about his condition as the officer grabs his arm.

The son and the bystanders continued reiterating that he couldn’t walk while the officer grabbed his arm.

“You got to hold me up, my legs,” the man said.

The video concluded with the officer patting down Butler's son, holding the man's body up with his hands.

Butler said her son was a victim of gun violence and accused the department of failing to “provide reasonable accommodations as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

The mother said she's weighing taking legal action against the officer following the incident.

“The officer proceeded to forcefully remove him from the car causing great distress for both him and any witnesses present,” Butler said.“They should have made modifications as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but they didn’t. This is not acceptable and there are repercussions for everyone’s actions.”

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