Black Activist Finds Noose, Slur-Filled Threatening Letter In Mailbox

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An investigation is underway after a Black activist discovered a noose and racist letter inside her mailbox this week. Dr. Candice Matthews, the State Chair of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, found the disturbing contents Sunday morning at her Houston home, according to KHOU 11.

Matthews believes this has something to do with her work, as well, since she's also a provider with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and has a contract with the Department of Family Protective Services with her child-placing agency.

"Dr. Candice Matthews, stay out of our business with DFPS and HHSC 'N-word’. If you don't, we will use this rope and drag you like James Byrd," the letter reads. "F**k you N-word and N-word providers, you have been warned N-word."

James Byrd Jr. was a Black man brutally killed by three white men dragging his body with a pickup truck in June 1998. The killers, two of whom were self-proclaimed white supremacists, dumped his corpse in front of a Black church in Jasper, Texas.

Matthews called the police, and Harris County Sheriff's Office detectives collected the threatening letter and noose as evidence. While no motive has been determined, the activist offers a potential clue.

"I’ve been exposing, doing exposés HHSC and DFPS for over a month and a half in reference to dealing with crimes against children, and how I was able to find out about it was because the children were reaching out to me via social media," Matthews explained. "I’m highly pissed off."

Despite the incident upsetting her and her family, Matthews told reporters she'll continue advocating for civil rights.

Investigators urge anyone with information on the case to contact them.

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