Mo'Nique Slams Oprah & Tyler Perry As 'Coon Motherf*****s'

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Mo'Nique is again going after Oprah and Tyler Perry, calling the two "coon motherf*****s," TMZ reports.

The comedian ranted about the moguls during a stop on Katt William's comedy show tour.

Before calling Oprah and Perry "coon motherf*****s," Mo'Nique shouted on stage, "F*** YOU OPRAH WINFREY, F*** YOU TYLER PERRY!!!" Mo'Nique called on audience members to join her in the chant.

The comedian also suggested a male audience member bring Oprah "back to Black" by having sex with her.

Mo'Nique continued her tirade against Oprah, calling her "simple-minded" and a "raggedy b*tch."

"I'm too motherf***ing old to be scared of this bitch. I'm too old to be intimidated by this b*tch," she said. "I'm too old to hold the motherf***ing truth."

Mo'Nique's comments come amid her longtime feud with Oprah and Perry, stemming from the two allegedly blackballing her in Hollywood.

The comedian recently appeared on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast, where she alleged that she has a recording of Perry admitting to badmouthing her in Hollywood. Perry has denied Mo'Nique's allegations.

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