'Karen' Harasses Black Man At Airport In Viral TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman is being dubbed a "Karen" after she appeared to harass a Black man at a Florida airport.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the woman appeared to stand over the Black man, who was seated near an airport gate, during a heated argument.

It's unclear how the exchange between the pair started. In the video, the woman continued to move closer to the man's face as she asked why he was upset.

“Because you’re being a freaking racist and you’re discriminating, as soon as I sat down!” the man responded.

The man held his arm up and repeatedly told the woman to "Get out of my face." He accused the "Karen" of threatening to cut his fingers off because he declined to get up and switch seats at the gate.

The woman attempted to get a bystander on her side, telling them that the man had threatened her son's life. However, a witness shook her head and called out the woman for lying.

In the video, the woman again approached the man, seemingly trying to turn the altercation physical. Bystanders told the woman to "leave him alone" as she continued to harass the man.

“Somebody call security!" one person yelled. “I would walk away right now,” another person said before adding, “You’re being ridiculous.”

Two officers arrived at the scene and ordered the woman to back away from the man. The woman attempted to paint the Black man as the aggressor.

“This guy is screaming at me,” she said.

Bystanders told the officers that the man did nothing wrong.

It's unclear what unfolded after the video ended. Social media users applauded bystanders for defending the Black man.

"I’m so glad these women had his back. Sick of these entitled Karens," one TikTok user commented.

"Thank you to the women who stood up for him!!" another user added.

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