Black Woman Earns College Degree At 79

Photo: Getty Images

A 79-year-old Alabama woman has earned her college degree.

According to Fox 8, Angerline Day, 79, recently walked across the graduation stage and accepted her diploma from Troy University.

“I don’t give myself any expiration dates on anything,” Day said.

Day said she had dreamed of getting a psychology degree when she was younger but couldn't afford it. Day was enrolled in Alabama State University after high school but didn't have the money to finish.

Decades later, Day's sons surprised her by helping send her back to school.

“He said ‘Well, mom, I’m not going to give you a Christmas present. I’m not going to give you a birthday present, so how about I send you back to school?’” Day recalled of the surprise.

Day earned her degree by completing classes online over the past four years. The 79-year-old said taking classes on her desktop wasn't easy.

“I love to read. That’s not a problem, I’ll do the assignment but now, I’m supposed to put it in this computer. How in the hell am I going to do that?” Day said.

After overcoming her struggles and earning her degree, Day said she hopes her story will inspire others.

“Life is there because I’m probably close to the end ... and I have to grab it as much as I possibly can while I can,” she said.

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