Cops Beat Black Teen Accused Of Trespassing At Apartment Pool: Video

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A Florida mother is seeking justice after two police officers were caught on video punching and tasing a Black teenager accused of trespassing at an apartment pool.

According to an arrest report, Lakeland police responded to a trespassing report on Monday (May 27) at the Caroline Apartments. A manager told police to remove anyone who didn't live at the apartment, the report states.

A 16-year-old suspect allegedly didn't provide an apartment number or identification. He was told to leave the property and left the pool to get his belongings, according to the report.

When the teenager was asked to leave the property again, police said he put his hands in an officer's face. The teenager allegedly "tensed his body" and resisted when an officer grabbed his arm.

Video obtained by WFLA begins with officers cornering the teen against a wall. An officer is seen repeatedly punching the boy in the head. At one point during the encounter, the second officer grabs the teen's hair while the other continues to strike him.

The teen appeared to swing his arms as officers hit him. One officer deployed a Taser against the teen, bringing him to the ground.

The boy was later put in handcuffs and faces charges of trespass, failure to leave property, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an officer with violence.

The report acknowledges that officers employed “several closed fist strikes” against the teen. According to the report, one officer said he was hit once in the face.

Jatae Lewis, the teen's mother, said she's seeking justice for her son.

“I couldn’t stomach the fact that two LPD officers literally battered my son,” Lewis said.

The Lakeland Police Department said in a statement that an administrative review would be conducted into the incident.

“Y’all are out here to protect and serve, not to be beating on peoples’ children,” the teen's mother said.

Watch video of the incident here.

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