'Hard Pass': Trump Talks About Taking His Shirt Off

Photo: Getty Images

The idea of former President Donald Trump taking his shirt off isn't sitting well with several social media users.

On Saturday (June 22), Trump talked about baring his torso during the Faith & Freedom Coalition, a group of conservative Christians, in Washington, D.C.

“Together, we stood up to the communists, Marxists, and fascists to defend religious liberty like no other president has ever done,” Trump said. “And I have the wounds all over my body. If I took this shirt off you’d see a beautiful, beautiful person but you’d see wounds all over me. I’ve taken a lot of wounds, I can tell you. More than I suspect any president ever.”

Several social media users didn't like the idea of picturing the former president without a shirt.

"HARD pass," one X user tweeted.

"Please do NOT do that. Nobody needs to see that," another wrote.

Others pointed out that Trump's predecessors, including former presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, actually sustained fatal wounds.

"'Poor, poor me.' Trump has suffered far more than the four presidents murdered in office. They were lucky compared to Trump!" one tweet reads.

"Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy, and even Reagan may disagree a little," another person said.

See more reactions to Trump taking his shirt off to show off his "wounds" below.

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