Poll Suggests Fans Are Ok With Players Speaking Out, But Not On The Field

Las Vegas Raiders v Carolina Panthers

According to a recent poll done by Yahoo News and YouGov, a majority of Americans are fine with pro athletes speaking their mind on social justice issues. But the catch is, just not on the field.

If you remember back in 2016, Colin Kaepernick sparked a big time conversation when he decided to kneeling during the national anthem. Since the time he did that, almost half of the poll’s respondents 49 percent noted that their attitudes toward protesting during sporting events changed over that time.

In the poll that was conducted by Yahoo News on players speaking out on issues, One-fifth of all respondents, 20 percent, noted they have become more accepting of protests over the past five years. However, 29 percent indicated they have become less accepting. The largest percentage, 42 percent, said their attitudes had not changed.

If you look at the poll as a whole, Americans remain sharply divided on whether kneeling during the anthem is an appropriate form of protest.

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