Rideshare Passenger Roderick Walker Beaten By Cops In Front Of His Family

Rideshare passenger Roderick Walker was beaten by Georgia police officers during a traffic stop on September 11.

Walker was riding with his girlfriend and two children when officers stopped the car for a traffic violation. His girlfriend, Juanita Davis, says the officers approached the vehicle and immediately asked Walker for identification. When Walker asked why he needed to present identification, officers instructed him to step outside of the vehicle.

After stepping outside of the vehicle, a physical altercation ensued. Video from Davis shows Walker being pinned down and punched repeatedly. Walker was then arrested and taken to Clayton County Jail on two counts of obstruction and two counts of battery. He was later transferred to Fulton County Jail on charges of felony probation.

***WARNING: There is some profane language in the below tweet***

One of the officers involved in the incident has since been fired, but his name was not released to the press. Walker was also released from Fulton County Jail on bond with an ankle monitor. His attorney has arranged for Walker to see neurological and orthopedic experts. According to his legal team, the Georgia resident has experienced “numerous medical issues following the violent beating he endured.” However, the father of two says that his release and medical treatment is not enough. He wants all charges to be dropped against him and to pursue legal action against the officers involved.

Photo: Getty Images

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