Watch Blue Ivy Get Embarrassed By Mom Beyonce's Corny Joke

Even Beyoncé knows how to embarrass her daughter with a corny joke.

As part of Tina Knowles Lawson's "Corny Joke Time" segment for the virtual Wearable Art Gala on Saturday (September 19), Bey partook in the festivities by sharing one of her own, but Blue Ivy tried to shut her down. "Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?" a makeup free Beyoncé asked the camera, before unveiling her answer. "Fo' drizzle," she continued in reference to the rapper's catchphrase: "Fo' shizzle, my nizzle." Still, Blue wasn't having any of it. "No, no, that voice," Blue said, attempting to cover her mom's mouth. "No, mom, the voice, no."

Afterward, the clip flashed to a voice memo from "Tina the Savage," who offered a suggestion to her superstar daughter. "Hi, Bey. I really appreciate you doing this joke because I know how busy you are, but can't you, like, ... will you just put on some makeup and get in some good light and stuff, cuz you ... It's the gala, girl!" Immediately after, Bey appeared glammed up and in better lighting, as per Tina’s suggestion. "Why does Snoop D need an umbrella?" she asked the camera in a moody voice. "For drizzle, my nizzle. For drizzle, my nizzle."

Among the other stars to have participated in the "Corny Joke Time" segment included Solange, Megan Thee Stallion and Zendaya. Scroll on below to see their jokes!

Photo: Getty Images

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