Michigan Man Killed Over Line Dispute At Haunted House

Authorities in Michigan are searching for a suspect accused of fatally shooting a man he believed had cut the line at a haunted house. The victim was with his girlfriend waiting in line at the Erebus Haunted House in Pontiac when a person ahead of them refused to move forward.

The victim confronted the suspect, who accused him of trying to cut the line.

"The victim and his girlfriend had been waiting in line to enter Erebus Haunted House when a male subject in line ahead of them would not move," the Oakland County sheriff's office said. "The victim and the suspect exchanged words as the suspect thought the victim had cut in line ahead of him."

After arguing, the two men left the line and went back to their vehicles. The argument wasn't over as the suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire. The victim was shot in the side, neck, and chest and was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Witnesses told the police the suspected shooter fled the scene in a blue sedan at a high rate of speed.

Authorities said the suspect was a black male who was about six feet tall and was wearing an orange hoodie and jeans. They are offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest and suspect and have asked anybody with information to call 1-800-773-2587.

Photo: Getty Images

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