Biden Campaign Sets One-Hour Fundraising Record During Presidential Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden may have been speaking on stage in Cleveland, but his loudest statements were being made online last night. During the final hour of the debate, the Delaware resident set a fundraising record on the Democratic platform, ActBlue. In sixty minutes, he managed to raise $3.8 million through his campaign's online efforts. Through 9:30 a.m., the Democratic party saw an increase of $25 million for various committees and campaigns up and down the ballot.

"Never before in my 16+ year political career have I received more calls/texts/emails from people wanting to give money to the campaign than I have in the last 12 hours," campaign manager Kate Bedingfield tweeted.

Biden has made a tremendous fundraising comeback in recent months. He started the race $187 million behind President Donald Trump and the Republican Party's funding. In August, he added Sen. Kamala Harris to his team and raised a record-breaking $364.5 million. He then entered the month of September with $466 million in cash reserves. In comparison, the President began the month with just $325 million in cash.

Heading into the month of October, the former Vice President will look to capitalize on the stark contrast between the two candidates that was showcased during the first presidential debate.

“Joe Biden spoke directly to the American people tonight and they are responding,” Kate Bedingfield told Fox News.

“Joe Biden demonstrated the leadership and temperament that Americans around the country are looking for."

The next presidential debate is set for October 15 in Miami, Florida.

Photo: Getty Images

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