Cincinnati Moves Closer To Renaming A Local Street After Barack Obama

On Wednesday, Cincinnati moved one step closer to renaming a long stretch of Reading Road after former President Barack Obama. The renamed portion will stretch from the city's downtown area to city limits near Galbraith Road.

Cincinnati City Councilmembers Jan-Michele Kearney and Wendell Young said that they have been discussing the move for some time now.

“Our office received a groundswell of public support. Councilmember Young’s office began the process, but soon thereafter, Councilmember Young experienced some health issues that required him to recuperate before resuming his duties,” the motion to rename to road states.

“When I took a seat on City Council, one of the items on my office’s agenda was resuming the process to rename Reading Road after President Obama. The agenda item took a back seat to pressing issues that our city is facing."

After years of discussing the matter, Kearney and Young's plans were propelled thanks to a young man named Caleb Price. According to the motion, it was Price's efforts and drive to obtain the signatures needed to change the road's name that won the city councilmembers over.

“However, in July, a young man, Caleb Price, came to City Hall and requested that City Council honor President Barack Obama with the street naming. Mr. Price’s enthusiasm and drive, not to mention his work in collecting thousands of signatures, showed us that now is the time to honor our 44th president, and to let his message of ‘hope and change’ for the betterment of all Americans ring across our city," the motion adds.

At the moment, the proposal has gained the signatures needed for approval. The city council will now need to approve the proposal to make it official.

“Our present goal is to immediately gain approval for the renaming project. Such approval not only will help with fundraising efforts, but will give notice to existing and new developments which could reduce their expenditures for the address change,” the council writes.

"Upon City Council granting approval, our office will keep Council updated on ongoing plans for the renaming. We are thankful to Mr. Caleb Price for his leadership in being the impetus behind this project and for letting us see the importance of shining a bright light in the middle of a storm.”

Photo: Getty Images

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