South Florida Teacher Said She Was Forced To Resign Over BLM Flag

What Nadine Cutler loved most about former employer was how they encouraged diversity. Now she claims that she was forced out of her teaching position because she showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Local 10 reported on Wednesday (September 30).

Cutler was an algebra teacher at North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek. She displayed a black-and-white Black Lives Matter flag in her classroom, and school administrators demanded she take it down.

“It really means acknowledging the systemic racism and inequality,” Cutler said. “With a predominantly white population, I think systemic racism is a really important topic.”

She said there was also a rainbow flag hanging near her Black Lives Matter flag, something the administrators did not reprimand her about.

“I felt that the administration was kind of picking and choosing which marginalized group they felt comfortable supporting,” Cutler said.

Even though Cutler's unemployed, she said she doesn't regret her decision. In fact, she hopes this taught her former students a valuable lesson.

“Silent form of solidarity to spark conversation that might not necessarily be had otherwise,” she said.

The Broward County school sent out an email to parents about Cutler's resignation.

"As a multicultural international community we deeply value the ideals of justice, equality and inclusivity. We work diligently to create space and opportunity for dialogue around social, political and economic issues; however, we do not permit our teachers to promote their own political or social activist views in the classroom," part of the email said.

The school's alumni association created a petition condemning the school and demanding they affirm the Black Lives Matter movement. Cutler also said she wants her job back.

Photo: Getty Images

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