12-Year-Old Starts 2nd Year In College As Aerospace Engineering Major

A 12-year-old has a lot of accomplishments under his belt, and now he's on track to graduate college in a couple years.

Caleb Anderson finished his first year at Chattahoochee Technical College and just started his second year. His major? Aerospace engineering.

The Georgia boy learned to sign more than 250 words at just nine months old. Caleb learned to speak and read English at 11 months old and went on to learn Spanish, French and Mandarin. On top of that, the boy was reading the U.S. Constitution at 2 years old.

Caleb's parents, Claire and Kobi, knew their child was special and wanted to keep supporting his talents.

“As we started to interact with other parents, and had other children, then we started to realize how exceptional this experience was because we had no other frame of reference,” Kobi told CBS News.

When Caleb was three years old, he qualified for high IQ society MENSA and joined at age 5. He is the youngest African-American boy to be accepted into the prestigious organization.

His mother said Caleb found elementary, middle and high school "boring and not challenging," so he wanted to go to college already.

So far, he said he's enjoying it.

“It was exactly how I expected it to be like if I were 18 or something,” Caleb said.

Kobi has to chaperone Caleb on campus due to his age. He's not helping Caleb with his studies, though.

“He has far surpassed me in math, so I can’t help him anymore,” Kobi said. "Seriously! He’s in calculus two now!”

Caleb's younger siblings, Aaron and Hannah, are also gifted. Their parents are continuing to support them, but the mother also has a message:

"I think people have a negative perspective when it comes to African-American boys," Claire told USA Today. "There are many other Calebs out there. From being a teacher, I really believe that. But they don’t have the opportunity or the resources."

Photo: Getty Images

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