Clayton County School Board Votes To Rename School After Michelle Obama

The Clayton County Board of Education has moved to rename South Clayton Elementary School after former First Lady Michelle Obama.

"I just felt like there aren't many places named after women," Clayton County Board of Education member Ophelia Burroughs.

"We are trying to push forward in our society, because we have been left behind for so long."

Michelle Obama wasn't the only name considered when renaming the school. Burroughs revealed that the board was also considering naming the school building after the late Rep. John Lewis who died earlier this year. Lewis also represented the Atlanta area in congress for three decades.

"He is a true hero of the civil rights movement, and it would have been so fitting at this time," Burroughs said,

"But we had many, many votes for Michelle Obama. It is very fitting to have a school named after her here."

Obama's heritage ties back to the Atlanta area. Her great-great-grandmother Melvania Shields has been honored with a monument in nearby Rex, Georgia. Not to mention, a nearby school in Atlanta has been renamed the Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary School

Moving forward, she must approved the name change herself. If she chooses not to approved the name change, Rep. Lewis will serve as a backup.

"If Michelle Obama says no, then you have John Lewis as a backup, or someone else," Burroughs added.

South Clayton Elementary School is currently under construction and will look to reopen under a new name next summer.

Photo: Getty Images

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