Breonna Taylor Juror Criticizes AG Cameron For Preventing Public Remarks

The anonymous grand juror who took legal action to make proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case public criticized Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, The Grio reported. The juror is seeking permission from a judge to speak out about the grand jury deliberations, which discussed whether to charge any of the Louisville police officers connected to Taylor's death in March.

“Anonymous Grand Juror #1 submits the Attorney General cannot choose to part from the rules in disclosing information and then use his position to prevent others from responding to his misleading remarks,” according to a Sunday (October 11) filing by the juror's attorney, Kevin Glogower. Glogower also accused Cameron, the special prosecutor in the Taylor case, of using his position to speak freely about the case while the juror must uphold secrecy.

Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell has not made a decision, but Cameron said he would appeal the ruling if the juror's request is granted. The Kentucky attorney general also defended his actions in the case thus far and asserted the Louisville police officers' actions were "justified." According to a court motion, Cameron believes that making the proceedings public would cause "irreparable harm."

Taylor, 26, was fatally shot while Louisville police officers were executing a no-knock warrant for her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, at her residence. Out of the three officers who faced charges, officer Brett Hankison was the only one charged with wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting into neighboring apartments. None of the officers were charged in Taylor's death.

The filing also claimed Cameron’s disclosures “makes it overwhelmingly clear it is his position he should be allowed to discuss portions of the grand jury proceedings that were not recorded but no one else should have the same ability, no matter how inconsistent his public statements are with the actual recordings.”

Photo: Getty Images

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