Anonymous Grand Juror Makes Case To Speak Freely About Breonna Taylor Case

Attorney Kevin Glogower made opening arguments on behalf of an anonymous grand juror involved in the Breonna Taylor case on Thursday. Glogower says his client "wants to talk about their service on this grand jury," but is "not trying to be part of a global discussion in race relations."

Typically, grand jurors identities are kept secret, but the anonymous Kentucky resident is trying to change that. Glogower said that it was unfair for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to make public comments regarding the grand jury "and then sit back and say, 'I'm sorry -- you don't get to do this because it has to be secret.'"

Glogower arrived in court just a week after his client urged Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annie O'Connell to release audio recordings of the grand jury proceedings. Initially, Judge O'Connell ruled that the recordings would be released on September 30. Daniel Cameron then asked for a week-long extension, but O'Connell only gave him an additional 48 hours to release the recordings.

Since the recordings were released, another grand juror has reportedly stepped up to make a public statement. Louisville activist Christopher 2X has said that he has made contact with a second grand juror and that the juror will step forward depending on how Glogower's client's case plays out.

“Now we’ve got a number, and who knows how many more want to feel freely to say, ‘Here’s my version of what happened with the Breonna Taylor evidence that we were presented with,'" the Louisville activist said.

“Until we can have real-life individuals who studied the situation as it relates to their civic duty and then allow them to do — what we would think would be the unthinkable — is to describe to the community how they felt about it. Deeper than any tapes that can be released.”

Photo: Getty Images

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