Barack Obama To Hit Campaign Trail In Support Of Biden Near Election Day

As we near election day, former President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail in support of former Vice President Joe Biden. Obama is expected to hit key battleground states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The 44th President is also expected to join his former running mate at a campaign event in the days leading up to the election.

“Republicans don't have an Obama...Everyday he's on the road, Biden wins,” one source familiar with the plans told The Hill.

Early reports suggest that Obama will deliver remarks at outdoor, socially distant events. He will likely invoke the same sentiments he shared in his speech at the Democratic National Convention last summer. Many close to the Democratic Party believe that the former president's presence will add star power in the later stages of the campaign.

“Barack Obama remains an enthusiasm machine for Democrats,” Democratic Strategist Joel Payne said.

“He’s the most popular Democrat in America and he will help heat up the base of the party.”

While Barack Obama will hit the trail, Michelle Obama is not expected to join him. The former first lady has offered her support for the former vice president in other ways. Most notably, she delivered a "Closing Argument" in support of Biden earlier this month.

“She’s made it known how she feels," one source close to the campaign said.

With less than three weeks until election day, Biden will host a town hall on ABC, participate in a presidential debate and make his final case to become the 46th President of the United States. His joint events with the 44th President may very well push him into the White House in January.

Photo: Getty Images

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